Annual Appeal

2017 is our 42nd year. From humble beginnings, we have become the organization helping Maine woodland owners. We would not exist without the generous financial support of individuals and supporters. We are grateful for our dues-paying members, but it takes the support of members and contributors to fund our organization. Our membership dues fund only 28% of our operating budget. This is why your support of our Annual Appeal is so important.

We are grateful to our members and supporters who contributed $57,000 to last year’s Annual Appeal. Our most successful ever! Our 2017 Annual Appeal goal is $60,000.

We have purposely put more resources into our monthly newsletter and our advocacy work; two top priorities based on feedback from members. As a nonprofit organization, we could be exempt from property taxes on lands we hold. However, our Board of Directors feels strongly we should pay property taxes. Those taxes increased significantly this year.  Your tax deductible gift today will go to work immediately, helping us to:

  • Publish our monthly publication, Maine Woodlands, written by landowners for landowners. We increased the number of pages from 16 to 20 last year and work hard to make it a premier publication. 
  • Host more than 50 educational workshops.
  • Expand our land trust program. We have protected over 5,000 acres of forestland through gifts of land to this organization and hold easements on more than 3,600 acres.
  • Represent the interest and rights of landowners at the Legislature. We have experienced staff who understand the legislative process and know how to get results.

This last legislative session was the longest, and perhaps the most contentious one, in Maine history. Among the accomplishments were:

  • We protected the Tree Growth Tax Law program from multiple attacks. 
  • We kept the significant protections provided to landowners in Maine Liability Law intact. 
  • We defeated all six Sunday hunting bills. 
  • We helped pass a law which makes it a specific crime to remove or destroy signs posted on property by a landowners.

The upcoming session of the legislature, which starts in January, is going to be a difficult one. The Tree Growth Tax Law will again be under attack. It is an election year - that always makes for unusual bills, short fuses, and last minute surprises.

Your generous support serves to strengthen our abilities to serve small woodland owners in Maine. Please consider increasing your gift this year – we’ll put your contribution to work immediately!
When you contribute $100 or more, we will thank you with a special gift of The Maine Atlas and Gazetteer by DeLorme. For contributions of $200 or more, we are offering a copy of the book, Trespassing-An Inquiry into the Private Ownership of Land by John Hanson Mitchell as a thank you gift.

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