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Owning woodland is fun and rewarding. But we know it is not always easy to find the information you are looking for or get the help you need. Since 1975, we have been the organization that works to help, support and represent the interests of small woodland owners.

Emerald Ash Borer Now in Maine

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Forestry Field Day

Forestry Field Day Set for Saturday, Sept. 7, 2019 in Unity

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Maine Woodland Owners Day

at the Common Ground
Country Fair
LIF Speakers' Tent, Saturday, Sept . 20, 2019

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Standish Land Purchase Standish Land Purchase

This year we are doing something we have never done in our history. In addition to our 2018 Annual Appeal goal of $75,000, we are hoping to raise additional funds toward the purchase of an important parcel of land.

Thanks to the generosity of donors, we already owned a significant parcel in Standish. A key parcel adjoining that holding came on the market, which would ensure access and represents some of the finest tree growing land in the area, as well as abundant wildlife, recreational trails, and water resources. Because time was short, we moved quickly to secure a loan to acquire it. The parcel is 134 acres, which we purchased for $135,000. That brought our total contiguous ownership to 423 acres.

Purchasing the land was a stretch, but a decision the Board of Directors and staff felt we should make. The loan must be paid off within three years. We are hoping to raise $45,000 toward that loan this year in addition to our Annual Appeal. 


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Become A Woodland Steward Become A Woodland Steward

Plan for the Future of your Woodlot

Succession Planning

This interactive program was designed with the private woodland owner in mind. Try it yourself to see if you are already a woodland steward.

Interactive Program

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Watch a video of woodland stewardship (left). Brought to you by the Maine Forest Service

News You Can Use News You Can Use
Our Office on the Move, Once MoreOur Office on the Move, Once More
Our new location is 8 Mulliken Court in Augusta – a house converted into office space. We occupy the entire building. The new office borders Western Avenue, with a large sign that’s highly visible.

Old Roads Carried Over; Tree Growth Challenge Still Alive
 There are at least 1,850 bills this year at the Maine State Legislature, and the statutory adjournment date is June 19. Maine Woodland Owners has been actively lobbying on a number of bills that would impact woodland owners, including a Tree Growth Tax Law amendment, abandoned roads and ATV use. 

Bills Proliferate at the State House
The pace of action at the State House is picking up. While many bills have yet to be printed, a number of those of interest to woodland owners have been dealt with, or are pending. Here are some of the issues we’ve been dealing with: